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5773 Visual Social Thinking Techniques: How to Leverage the Visual Thinker's Strengths [ASHA Session]

Saturday, July 9, 2011: 1:30 PM-2:45 PM
Miami 3 (Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center)
Discover innovative strength-based techniques for visual thinkers, which brings together social thinking & visual thinking. Many people think in pictures or visual terms and not with written words, yet schools have not tapped into this strength as a teaching method. Learn how to leverage the visual learner's strengths as a tool for social learning and note taking in school and work. Learn visual techniques that are effective tools for innovative thinking, retention of ideas, concepts and social thinking. These  visual social thinking techniques and strategies enable visual thinkers to discover why they think differently and to find learning strategies which work for them. They have proven successful in helping learners in all levels of education, from pre-school to postgraduate; students who have continually struggled with traditional education have found their ability to learn academic content while also improving their understanding of social thinking transformed through the use of Visual Social Thinking. For many visual thinkers they have become an essential tool for overcoming day-to-day frustrations in memory and communication, in education and beyond.

The session will help non-linear thinkers to translate their thoughts, and also help linear thinkers to unlock more imaginative forms of tapping their creative potential. This session will give attendees practical ideas of how to incorporate visual learning into teaching methods & daily learning in and out of the classroom.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will learn how to incorporate visual learning into existing teaching methods as well as create aa system for note taking
  • Participants will learn how non linear thinkers can translate their thoughts into pictures or visual terms.
  • Visual Social Thinking will help participants to see how visual thinking techniques can allow people to realize their full thinking and learning potential.

Content Area: Education


Michael McManmon, Psy.D
Founder, College Internship Program
College Internship Programs

Dr. Michael McManmon is a licensed psychologist and has a unique inside perspective as he himself is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Dr. McManmon is a blog author for Psychology Today and the author of Made for Good Purpose, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Oliver West, B.A. (Hons.)
Visual Thinking Specialist, Artist, University Lecturer,
Footnotes Visual Thinking Program

Oliver West is a successful artist, printmaker, university lecturer and visual thinking specialist based in Cornwall, U.K. Oliver has created Footnotes©, a unique portfolio of visual thinking techniques for learning and personal development to help people realize their full thinking and learning potential. He teaches throughout the UK.