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5747 My Life with Autism

Friday, July 8, 2011: 3:15 PM-4:30 PM
Sun 1-2 (Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center)
This presentation explores the multiple challenges that many with autism experience on a daily basis as well as gives insight into uneven social/emotional development. I will share how I have learned to be a self teacher and work through barriers to obtain self gains. My presesntation will explore the 3 main areas considered to be the core issues related to autism as well as many of the things that interweave within those core areas. I will go into detail how the sensory world affects me and how I have learned to navigate and problem solve around many of those barriers. I will also explore the many issues to langague and how for me my language is a core area that has many realms of uneveness, both gifted and challenged, and finally will define how that my areas of interest have led me to a functional means of self employment.

Learning Objectives:

  • this will give an indepth over view of personal perspectives in areas of sensory, langauge and interest, as well as cognition, and functioining and how all of these things both gift and challenge me.
  • It will allow for families to have a better understanding of how autism can affect each of us differently and yet within that realm I also share how the shifts in this uneven profile appear to have regressions and gains.

Content Area: Life with Autism


Sondra K. Williams
Parent, Advocate, Speaker, Presenter

Sondra is the director for the Autistic Global initiative, Board member for the Autism Society Ohio, Advisory member for OCALI, PSA person for the Autism Society, and is a national speaker. She was the first person with ASD to receive the Governor's Courage award in Ohio.