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5472 Women with Autism Panel

Friday, July 8, 2011: 11:00 AM-12:15 PM
Sun 3-4 (Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center)

Gender results in a different experience with an ASD. The diagnosis, treatment, complexities and outcomes may vary depending on one's gender. Societal expectations are quite different. This panel of women with ASDs will explain how these differences manifested for them and provide tips to help others succeed. Gender differences result in a different expression of autism for women with ASDs. ASA has supported a panel of women with ASD telling their stories and how they have managed for many years. In this panel we will focus on systems change as it applies to diagnosis, support and outcomes to insure that women with ASD are safe, healthy and empowered. 

Topics: Is there a pattern of late diagnosis among our panelists? 

          Is there a pattern regarding trauma and outcomes based on lateness of diagnosis?

         What systems change are we passing on to the community to allow for wellness and success? What are we missing?

        What will our panelists do if the systemic changes that may lead to harm are implemented (changes in the DSM, instrument only testing for SSDI, continued failure to educate professionals)

Q and A from the audience

Learning Objectives:

  • These individuals will provide information regarding their lives with autism differences
  • The Panel will address systemic changes that must be made, if individuals with ASDs are to find wellness in their lives
  • The Panel will accept questions from the audience and coach peers who are women and men with AS

Content Area: Life with Autism


Dena Gassner, Ph.D., student
Director Center for Understanding
Dena Gassner

Dena is the Director of the Center for Understanding, providing training and information worldwide. Boards for the Arc US, GRASP and the Autism Society benefit from her unique expertise. Wife, mother and non-traditional Ph.D. student at Adelphi University, she's living an authentic life including--not separate from--her own autistic identity.